How many times have we seen that the teenage population of the nation has doubted its talents and gave in to the pressure from their parents.
As an implication of the mass discontent that arises among the teenage population of the country, the number of drop outs have increased in the last few years, with continued increase in suicides and disability to find peace of mind.
As noted in other cultures of the nation, the Bengali population however, has been the best torchbearer of this century old stereotype. In most Bengali families the constraints of exposure mainly depends upon the gender of the child, where a girl is expected to learn all sorts of household chores though the bong community shows a tendency to educate their daughters but that too, to a certain extend as they are expected to leave the family one day through marriage.
The life of bong boys are another story where expectations often burdens the shoulders of the bearer. Nobody can decline that bong kids enjoy some of the best moments when they are kids, from the beautiful memories at one’s, ‘Desher Bari’ or the ancestral homes (basically located in the rural areas) or the days when you are pampered by aunts, grandmother and elder sisters. But all of these perhaps changes into a big boulder of expectation, as they are expected to study hard, get a job(preferably a government job) and they marry a beautiful woman and finally settle into that same stereotype.
The most discouraging part is nobody or perhaps very few questions this age old stereotype, where many are deprived from chasing their dreams, their passion and their heart.
But then I ask myself is there any solution to this? Does it matters whether we question the stereotypes or not? Because at the end of the day most of us would be busy filling the roles that are vacated in this system.

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