Canvassing Ideas

Perhaps the best thing I could have done, was starting this blog with is evergreen quote, which perhaps sums up the whole ‘idea’ of this blog and I followed my heart.
Many would define the word ‘idea’ as some sort of suggestion to a possible course of action, but there must be an element of self-perseverance, ability to bounce back and a sense of righteousness.

The element of self preservation is very important for the survival of any idea. I would like to draw the instance of Hitler and Jesus, well during the Third Reich Adolf Hitler perhaps had thousands of supporter, supporting his ideas whereas during his time Jesus had only twelve followers but we all know that one idea is lost forever and another emerged to be a religion. There’s something I believe that the theory of survival applies to thoughts and ideas as well, where time chooses the fittest and the unfit idea goes into oblivion.
The second aspect is the ability to bounce back, like humans ideas too face dejection, after all its all part of human cerebral thought process. When it comes to overthrow an existing system, new ideas do face a difficulty and sometimes they fall.
But the fall never kills, its always the landing. Dejection is perhaps a momentarily setback and every great man, every great idea has bounced back from the abyss of darkness and changed the world.
It took generations of thinkers, explorers, dreamers to change the world as we see it today, from a race of cave dwelling apes human race came into being as it is today, just because some people dared to think. Think out of the box, think beyond the regular conceptions and immortalize themselves along with their ideas.


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