Helping Hands

The other day, I saw an elderly man standing in a queue in the local post office. The queue was long and the man was almost at its tail end. He looked nervous and his body shook. I felt disturbed but could do nothing to help him. I’ve noticed elderly people undergoing similar ordeals in other places providing public utility services, such as banks. The percentage of senior citizens in the population is increasing. The authorities do provide them with certain benefits, such as designated seats in public transport, a higher rate of interests for bank deposits, concessions in railway fares and the like, but these are not enough. In modern urban middle class society, grown up sons and daughters usually remain out of bounds for their aging parents. The senior citizens are left to fend for themselves as a result. It is difficult for them to find helping hands. There should be separate counters for senior citizens in banks and post offices. There should also be separate seating arrangements for them.
The number of seats earmarked for senior citizens in public transports must be increased. Nowadays, retired persons or senior citizens often come together to form associations. These are usually run with the personal contributions of the members. The state government is giving out doles to various clubs. Why does it not help the associations of senior citizens with money?

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