Sleazy Sexism and Prejudices

Why is what Priyanka Chopra wore such to the Academy Awards last night such a big deal in the national media? With blogs and columns applauding her gown, vis a via a desi, designer sari, defending it as a personal clothing choice. Everyday, millions of Indian women ditch the national garb for Western clothes. Choosing convenience, comfort or their body image. Most of our actresses sport gowns and dresses at award functions, hand picked by stylists hungry to get them bigger brand endorsements? What’s the big deal, really? I would be prouder if one of our films/film-maker won something for a change. Made a statement about cinema in this country of over a billion that still survives in Western imagination as snake charmers, villians who rape women, sleazy humor, heroines in chiffon, a zillion playback songs and item dances, and a bunch of aging, waxed, muscle rippling heroes romancing ladies young enough to be their grand-daughters. Maybe, it’s time we moved from red carpet dressing and Chopra’s borrowed accent to her actual onscreen achievements. Laud her for making an inroad into Hollywood – be it as a pop singer, an actor in a popular serial or now making her Hollywood film foray. More real, than all this empty hooplah!


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