An epigram to obliterate reservations

The first and foremost idea of ‘reservation’ was perhaps a step towards creating an utopian society, where equality prevails. But then I’d like to quote Amish Tripathy, the author of the much acclaimed ‘Shiva Trilogy’ where he famously quoted that “Good and evil are two sides of the same coin”, and rightly so what seems beneficial for one may appear as a curse to another. Thus this term ‘reservation’ is no exception in this respect.
Particularly in India, this problem has been the centre of major political and sentimental upheavals in recent times.
Reservation in India is primarily is based upon the age old caste system, which probably dates back to the vedic ages. A nation of such large geographic proportions as India, certainly homes millions of people, with obviously a diverse range of cultural variations. As kids we all are taught to proudly declare that “Unity lies in diversity” and respect every culture, which obviously most of us follow.
I would like to draw the instance of two random kids grow up identifying each other as equal. But as they grow up one identifies himself as a ‘General category’ while the other identifies himself as a ‘Scheduled cast’, only the surname and a caste certificate stands between them. Perhaps we should all question ourselves that is the sense of equality that we want to create is somewhat creating a difference between us?
Is reserving quotas really the solution? And if so, are the people whom we originally intend to uplift really benefitted?
It is really disappointing that 4% of our population are still deprived from basic education, in spite of so much effort the extremely poor and tribals of our nation are still cut off from the main flow of the society.
However the main problem is not reservations, the main problem is however the availability of seats in higher educational institutes. For instance, a section of the Indian Medical Association who have been lobbying with the government NOT to increase the number of seats — because in their myopic vision, this would create too many professionals in the country. The fact is that India is woefully short of professionals — particularly of doctors. The number of doctors per 1000 people is very low — this adversely affecting public health.
Ratio of persons appearing in entrance exams to seats available in institutions is ridiculously out of proportion.
And then the ‘so-called’ knowledgeable bureaucrats of our nation, tries to fix this problem by allocating quotas to different castes and settle for a short term fix, which is more of a placebo. It is almost a common sight where everyday, a new community resorts to violence and protests in order to secure some quota for there respective communities. But in rational point of view that is not the solution. Encouragement of merit followed by the accommodation of the same should be the priority. As the people who truly need help are still deprived, and those who are well-established often claim the perks of this reservation policy. Perhaps in order to protect our own interests, we are creating a social evil, an evil in which we would force our future generations to burn.
As no nation can progress if half of its citizens claim to be ‘backward’.


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