An epigram on loss

Perhaps the most important thing about human thoughts is the finiteness of it. Memories, moments, emotions are all treasured just because they won’t return back. Once they are gone they are lost forever, while only existing in our thoughts entangled between numerous neurons.
But sometimes its all confusing, one sometimes feels that the finiteness of memories is nothing but a curse. Confused between the promise of love, pain of loss or the joy of redemption. Or its just a way to hide the fear of death?

Loss, perhaps is like a storm, a storm in which you go in like one person and emerge out being completely different. Probabilities are you either discover your strength or discover you are too weak to hold on, but what defines us, is what we do with that realization. The loss of a close one before your eyes where you were too weak to help or the loss of someone who meant a lot is perhaps nature’s rules. Perhaps it breaks us for some moments, it gives birth to demons that feeds off on the darkness of our thoughts, but the key lies in either fighting those demons or befriending them.
None of us can make it through this life without suffering some kind of loss or pain. Having lived through my fair share I can tell you the most difficult to endure is loneliness. Life is a game, and one that we must play. No matter how careful we are there is simply no way to go through this life unscathed, but fortunately for us, it’s a game we don’t have to play alone.

It’s not the number of years we live that matters, our lives just add up to a series of moments. We never know when or where they’ll happen, but they stick with us marking our souls forever. There are moments in all of our lives when we are compelled to ask ourselves: how far are we willing to go for what we want? How much are we willing to risk, to sacrifice, to endure? Because it’s one thing to yearn for something, but quite another to find the strength to achieve it.
Nothing can erase the pain of losing someone you love. You carry it with you for the rest of your life, However long that might be. The best you can hope for is that over time, The wound begins to heal. But no matter how strong we are, no matter how hard we fight… The scar always stays with us. Finally its time to put an end to this epigram, but it would be better to end this with a poem of mine…

Some scars stay with us,
Underlying beneath the skin
Don’t let it hurt you,don’t let it win
Eye life instead of pain
Sun will surely shine, after the rain
Hard how it may be…
Never let yourself down,
As the brave always owns the crown.


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