Soliloquy on Education


Being in one of the largest hostel
Being in one of the good university
I observed
Observed good students falling on books
Students on Olympic race of grades
Robots Singing formulas like a Hindu priest
Students saying me ” memorize the formula, sure to come “
Guys crying on half marks
Fighting with friends for notes
Hiding with questions

I saw the engineering students in a nutshell,
Saw  mad guys in the book without a word,
Saw selection of good with grades in mind
Saw a study room,
Where students work hard to print marks
Witnessed marking tricks,
Memorizing derivations with a brain of memory
Saw logic hiding behind the curtain
In fear
Saw marks ruling over the knowledge
Saw blind studies
I saw 9pointers,
Saw celebration in the books and planing for next race
I saw genius of engineering

I see
I observe
I ask
Ask the professors
Is this your good students
Is this the engineers?
Is this how you teach?
Is this knowledge?

Good students
High grades
No concept
High memories
No logic
High knowledge
No idea how to implement
Knows to say impossible

On the other hand I see some failure
Sleeping on the bed of ash
Breaking machines to boost curiosity
Smoking biri by the window pane
Memories full of slangs
Brave to face danger
Fighting wearing a underpart
Writing theorems on the walls
On the glass

I see some duffers
Duffers with low marks in all
Best in one
Duffers having books with spider web
But concepts sharp as daggers
Guy feeling the kiss of an innocent
Without thinking the next day.
Playboy with 10girls
By the roadside path
Explaining the magic in engineering
Never learned to say impossible.

I also see bad students
who knows nothing
No formula
Who never could memorize
A derivation
Carefree before the exam
Shiting marks and grades
With a cigeratee between the finger grips
Cracking codes of the secured portal.

I see stupids
Making the best out of shits
I see duffers building
The future
I see failures
Inventing technology
I see humans
Cracking jokes
Laughing and living the day they got
Coz they says “ek Aur din hai padhne ke lia, aj je lete hai, agar kal na ai toh?”
I see engineers
Self made
Self educated
Self esteemed
Dare to live
Fearless in the fences of grades

I ask once again
Who are the engineers?
Whom you professor craze
And whom you fail?
Ask yourself
Are you faithful to what you do?
Do you make them love not greed?


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