The Terror Cimbricus of November

“Honey, where is my tie? We don’t wanna get late for the concert, right!! “-exclaimed the man who just got promoted to Husband.

“Heyy Babe, I got tickets for us of today’s game. Will pick you up at 7! Smile Gorgeous. J  ”- texted the 21 year old football freak who wanted to introduce his girlfriend into his world.
“How much for this ring Sir? J”- asked the man who recently afforded a suit and now with a wide satisfying smile on his face , he was going to buy that same old 18K white petite twisted diamond ring for his beloved he always dream’t of.
Stade de France:
13th November, 2015.
8:45 P.M.
France vs. Germany .
Laughter and cheers were the only two things transmitted from him.  Happiness touched the brim of its vessel. He got to witness his life along with his life that day. He was so anxious but at the same time a little nervous. She hasn’t been to any game before. Past 20 minutes, his eyes were fixated on her face, trying to catch that tiny, little undetectable laughter or atleast a smile which would have meant so much to him. 8:45 P.M. and she didn’t smile. Yes, his heart was broken until the moment when she asked, “Honey, lets go out. I wanna go for a walk with you.” He couldn’t help but smile back and hugged her. Although late but he realized how childish it was of him to expect that one thing which was way too clichéd. After all it was a real world and he was with his girlfriend, happy and deeply in love.
“Yes Baby, Let’s get out. J”.
Bataclan Theatre :
13th November , 2015.
10:30 P.M.
“Sweetheart , I’m so excited !! 😀 . You told me to try something different for our first date after marriage. Here it is. Presenting you, Eagles of Death Metal! “. Screams echoed and speakers blared , totally ignorant of the succeeding dead silence and the aftermath.
Le Petit Cambodge :
13thNovember, 2015.
5:50 P.M.
“How should I do it!! It’s been years we have been together and she has always stood by me. She is the woman behind my today. I gotta try something special. She loves the color red. I’m going crazy. Maybe I should kneel down!! I’m thinking too much. But then she deserves being thought of too much. I love her. … Here she comes… Act cool!! ”.
“Honey, here, let me have you seated!”
“The order has been placed and I have some good news for us!”
“Wanna have some wine? 😉 ”
“I have been finally promoted and you made it possible all the way long!”
“Woman, you complete ………………”
Ashes everywhere. Fire, burning and erasing everything in its way. Somewhere deep within those ashes lay two bodies, shredded , mutilated, burnt and disoriented but still deeply in love. Two bodies who wanted more from each other but still loved and cared for each other; two bodies who decided to go for a walk so that they can talk, spend some time and sort things out before it was too late. And then it was too late.
Blood stained tie. Gunshots!! Screams everywhere but this time it was a different one. “Screams”!! There at that very place, he wanted to try something new for a date. He wore that same tie she gifted him on his birthday. Their first marriage anniversary. “Bloody”.
Turned tables. Smashed windows. Gunshots again. Blood everywhere. Even the sky turned red! Among those smashed tables and chairs and glass, lay two more bodies along with many countless souls who couldn’t complete their last sentence. There in that bloody floor lay a diamond ring, again bloodstained, a ring with a lost cause.
Promises couldn’t be kept. Proposals remained incomplete and unanswered. Eyes were still wide open. The skyline went dark. Conversations remained incomplete. Issues weren’t solved. Last words not spoken and yet love was still in the air. Love was still in those hearts which stopped beating. Destiny wasn’t changed but bent. Life is unexpected but death is just. It’s spontaneous.
“When the city slept along with so many souls, Paris never ended.”



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