Failure Or Success ?


I am a failure,
Because I chose Earth and not the sky,
Because I chose to walk and not to fly,
Because the well I dived into is all dry,
So deep indulgence, even fate won’t deny.
I am a failure,
Not because I failed,
But because I denied to walk the trail,
Because my dream was not to get a job but build one,
Oh sweet mercy, where did I go wrong?
I am a failure,
Because I chose the grass over the WALLS!
They looked at me as if I can’t ever have it at all!
Because I failed so many times in order to experience,
Never realized, they have books for all the lessons!
Failure has become of me!
Now I’ve realized nothing comes free,
For everything that we own today
We have to pay tomorrow,
There is nothing left in this small Giant,
Until you hit the big Sorrow!
Nobody wants a cake without the icing,
‘Coz that’s the only thing which does real branding,
People will judge, let them be,
Be the cake you wanted to be!
I may fail today,
Will fail tomorrow,
But that doesn’t mean,
My life is a silent sorrow,
‘Coz I will have learnt so many things,
That even success won’t hesitate to blink!
It’s always hard to see off people
Mostly the ones who had a lot to scribble,
On the parchment of your heart and soul,
But only to realize, it was just another scroll.
I will lose everything one day,
Thus I am confessing it today,
It’s on me if the rope was weak,
If I couldn’t hold onto them who did seek,
Expectations are mere deceptions;
If following my heart makes me a failure,
I am proud of being a ONE. 


    A guy sitting for placement interview.


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