The day was clad in its beauteous gown opening the world of mystery  to me. Greenery was every where the ground, the tree trunks covered  with moss, their canopy, even the sunlight filtered down greenly , nature revealed the very little beauty from its treasures. Lub-dup…. lub-dup….I could hear my last heart beat raging out. The visions turned a little blurred, slowly vanishing. it seemed as if the lens door was slowly closing down. His last vision still in my mind-wanting me to wake  up for a last time, to wake up and tell him why i did it-why I was leaving him, when we just started our journey. How could I tell him that i could never wake up again, for him; never will he be able to kiss my forehead while leaving for office, and never see me waiting for him till  he return. How could i tell him that my pain was engulfing me into it’s grip over my mortal body. It  has been ten days since I have died. He walked towards  our little home, nested in a pleasant neighborhood, shaded by plenty of trees. the sunlight was falling on this paradise ‘OUR HOME’which was abandoned now. He walked down the gravel pathway stopped at a large oak-door on which our name was inscribed  ‘Raj & Avantika ‘ . He looked at it for a few moments with dazed eyes and then he inserted the key. He sat on his favorite arm-chair and looked straight into a picture- our wedding picture that still hung in the center of the drawing room. I thought he could feel my absence in every nook and corner of the house he suddenly got up and went straight into my study room. he switched on the light and came near the table. A thin layer of dust had gathered around everything. suddenly he notice a spiral bound diary..he had given to me on valentines day because he knew   I loved writing.A smile crossed his face.He opened it and sad down to read. On fist page lay a beautiful jasmine which he had given me on my birthday, then a rose which he had offered nervously trying to propose to me.Ans then as he turned the page ,old memories of his love devoured him. He turned the pages……..

Dear Raj ,

I know you will have a look at this diary so I am leaving our sweet memories for you so that you can cherish them and always smile because i could never see you in pain that is why i did not tell you that I have thalacemia. I had decided that i would not let you suffer a long with me. I know you will forgive me. keep smiling.


He turned over the page, tears trickling down his cheeks.

A poem was written :

” I found some ashes of my dreams ,kept in an old box some pages, tied up with  soft pink thread. some stains of some dries tears which dropped silently from thy eyes.

once wrote to me, in your pocket lay a lonely silver anklet of mine.

Something is still alive. Some quickening heart beats and in my moist eyes..

The  memory of thy love”

Forty years have passed since then and Raj still lives there with my memories in his heart and my silver anklet still lies in his pocket …..



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