Time and Tide 

Oft have i heard the preachers say

Time and tide waits for none

This is false quite untrue

Cause time and tide do wait for some
Memories flash moments of joy

A glint of a smile a fateful cry

Your heart very well knows the truth

Love is one hell of a sinful fruit
And yet the fruit i silently tasted

Fought with the devils tgen i rested

An eventful journey life has been

Dreams so pretty i ve always seen.
A jolly fate i do possess

Meeting you again was beyond my guess

Thanks for the company through this miles

Just never give up that sweet smile
Time to say goodbye a warm farewell

Enjoy your life truly without any fail

Someday somewhere we will cross again

Perhaps on a sunny day or night or when it rains
The teacher still preaches

Time and tide waits for none

Yes i couldnt agree it anymore

Cause time and tide had indeed waited for one


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