The flower  that bloomed,
uncertain in the night .


A traveller,

it came in his sight

‘Rose’, the redest and brighest of all.


He fell in love  and so did the flower

in less than an hour.


Every morning and night,

he would water his flower

and caress her curvy petals.


He would smell her essence

every night

The Rose would sigh!


‘The Rose answered a lover’s call

and he smelled her

not once or twice

but many times ‘

heard the lover


He asked his rose and enquired,

The rose cried,……


‘ Show me your innocence!’


“Pluck my petals one by one…

I named this life by you…

and smell them, smell me

I am your rose.

I will smell the same….”


One by one he plucked

her crimson petals


God cried in heaven.


All that was left ,

the green stem

and the cruel fate !


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