A Penny For Thoughts That Matter..

Imagine if the grasses weren’t green, and the roses weren’t red. Would everything still be the same?
Would it be okay ?

When the burns aren’t painful enough, the ashes aren’t dry enough, when the memories aren’t pressing enough, or the lies aren’t hurtful enough, everything is still there. Nothing remains when we want it to, nothing goes when we need it to either.

Because we form our own thoughts, create our own barriers, shape our own lives and take our own decisions.

Words, impressions, thoughts and things collude our clear vision, simply because it’s meant to. But it’s also because we let it.

Sometimes it all feels like a lie. Like it always was, like people are, as untruth as their existences. But then again, we choose to believe it, without a question. Blinded by the bubble of fantasy.

It feels wrong later, when we finally realise what’s been colluding our thoughts, keeping us from doing what we want, keeping us into the dark, from breathing..from freedom.

Now the question is.. Whether we want to get up and walk away from it, or still stay, knowing what it does to us.


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