Pokémon Go: The Bengali Way

Pokémon: a global phenomenon that basically hit the nineties kid population and is still a force to be reckoned with. Most of us would recall pestering our parents to buy us those trading cards, action figures and tazos. Those lunch time fights with our friends at school to trade the best possible pokemon that they have just unveiled from a pack of cheetos. The list of nostalgia over these incredible group of imaginary creatures is endless.

So when Niantic came up with an android based augmented reality game on pokemon, it’s quite understandable that people would go crazy.

Now what if I tell you, that being in a bengali household is basically being a pokemon, with our parents playing the trainers.

So I have decided to compile a list of pokemons that our parents… er sorry, our ‘trainers’ thinks us to be. The readers are welcomed to add their suggestions in the comments section. (To all those pokemon-buffs, I think it’ll be better to mention the first gen pokemons only, so that I can maintain a close resemblance with the game and do justice to the title.)

  • Well what better way than to start with the mascot Pokémon of the series. Yeah! You guessed it right it’s Pikachu.


In a Bengali household, usually the youngest sibling plays the role of Pikachu. This earns them exemption from punishment for any mischief that they perform on their older ones and being the trainer’s favourite has its own perks.

(Notable mention: Togepi, also ticks this box)

  • Going in our list on second position, is perhaps the most relatable pokemon to a bong kid, and its Ditto.


Ditto is known for its ability to copy any pokemon, just as our parents want us to be like the ‘kid next door’. We are expected to be like them, emulate their exploits in academics and sports. A constant comparison with ‘that’ kid is something that every one of us has to deal with in a bong household.

  • On third position we have got those bong teenagers who frequently hit the gyms(no, I am not talking about the Pokemon gyms). They have an intense commitment to bulk up their biceps, impress chicks and play their daily role of high school bully. Don’t you think that a Machoke fits the bill?


  • While talking about hot chicks and selfie addicts two pokemons comes to my mind, Jynx and Psyduck. The latter due to the trend of taking selfies while making duck-faced pouts. (Ladies! try not to get offended)

jynx       psyduck.gif

  •  Next on the list is definitely Magikarp which eventually evolves into the mighty Gyarados. Rekindling memories of that school crush whom we have turned down but later their total transformation made us to regret our decision.



  • Next we move on to Primeape, a pokemon that has anger issues. Reminding us about those overprotective brothers who are sworn to protect their sisters and therefore blocking any move that you make to win the heart of the damsel. These brothers or Dada as we call them in bengali usually are found in the tea stalls or local clubs playing carom or cards. They really do remind us of Anjan Dutt’s famous song ‘Ronjona ami ar asbo na’ (পাড়ায় ঢুকলে ঠ্যাং খোঁড়া করে দেবো…বলেছে পাড়ার দাদারা…)



  • Upbringing in a bengali household totally guarantees close association to art, be it classical Indian music to rabindrasangeet  or recitals of Tagore’s poems. Every bong household has their own Jigglypuff, er singer who is humming songs most of the time.



  • Every bong kid has an irritating relative, who often shows up in the most uncomfortable of times. We have to watch our backs on a date as you never know when will this so called ‘well wisher’ appear randomly and spoil everything. Yeah! they never forget to call and know how you did in exam but they never bother to wish you on your birthday. I feel Meowth fits this role perfectly due to his malicious nature and his ability to pop up during awkward moments.


  • That brings me to the end of this list, because I have a lot of pokemon hunting to do and complete my in-game Pokedex. The last Pokemon that I would like to mention is definitely the soul creature of every bong on the planet. You must have guessed it by now, it has to be Snorlax. The chubby, sleep-loving pokemon is the master of procrastination. The gym going Machoke type bongs are basically minority. A giant plate of delicious bengali cuisine and sweet followed by sleep, there is nobody better in emulating a Snorlax than a bong.









3 Comments Add yours

  1. Priyanka Roy Chowdhury says:

    Well love to read dis..
    When Pokemon go comes with a new flavor ( bongo way te) there is nothing to be better than this…
    Ankur Mukherjee loved it ☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aparajita Ganguli says:

    It was very innovative and creative!! Great observation😃😃😃😃
    Keep it up😊


  3. aeon1234 says:

    I always had a gut feeling about this, kudos for putting it into words 🙂


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