Customised agony inside the grave 

Everything is going dark, with the clock continue  it’s ticking poverty getting overspread more and more. Self interest is only getting proclaimed by the society. It’s not what you vociferate only  about the outsiders, it’s a descriptive fervour of some innocent souls getting covered over the stones. Space for meagre getting diminished. The dark cloud conquered and blemishes the good picture with a huge blow where the equipoise of death and living is somehow got overpowered by death. The destination where we used to reach after the silence rest over us is now a history as now people unknowingly  destined to be inside the grave for the bone striking winter nights which is overwhelmed by sorrows regardless about the picture of the higher spectators. It’s known that pain demand to be felt though here the belt of agony is not enough to melt so the winter made them freeze and the burial made them seize.  


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