Mere change in humanity 

We almost stopped  ourselves from being a good human being on the streets. We walk with thousands different faces,  thousand different characters but the symbolic discipline almost drained out in the gutter from the society. The bond which should be there for each other is not any more has their presence  or rather  you can say is  visualise when you wandered of on the road. 

“Little sorry or tiny apologies  towards the fault ” or ” a thank you for the small compliment ” or ” warm thanks giving attitude to person who is serving us in the middle of the road and elsewhere”. Won’t lower your level.

We people always walk off the mistakes may be by any personal intention,any uncertainty or regardless with any motive, but that doesn’t mean we will forget the humanity and we will be stuck with our personal means only. Everything is relative everything is depend upon each other. Yes you can’t withstand everything or rather you can’t take the stand and change the whole picture with your own hands but you can pass it from one to many. It can be look like viral isn’t it. As a matter of act in this 20th century we are living with every sorts social media impacts which can spread  worldwide. When you can raect to Donald trump’s activities going so wide from our country then you should be  less procrastinator towards our own society.

Yes waiting for that mere change. 🙂


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