Mind recall everytime when I place my presence, the essence of it may be will reside with in me till the end. I wish for it more and more like everyone missing the memories without which every inch of today cannot reach their destination. I miss the tenderness the care, the hands which holds the finger firmly in the crowded street while crossing the road,  on the staircase, on the way to the first day of school . It kept my mind rolling over the same thing of remembrance. I used to seek  through the windows when the air is tight without caring about the book and its turn over pages. 

I miss the rush of going out of my  balcony as for that time friendship and the friends has it’s own level of priority. Life was so much bestowed in joy that we never thought of tomorrow. Wind of happiness was been there throughout .

I miss my story made in the rain and school, those black spots on the socks and the wet shoes

Yes I miss it 

Those limit less laughter over the small things has lost its shine. 

Picture of struggle and reality somehow never reached the shore and getting known to this now is a nightmare.  

I miss all the paintings drawn on the Canvas where the smile of prosperity were attached within our mouth.

Now the reality little blurred the picture ,the storeroom is filled up with dust and somehow  it’s taken over the memories.


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